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Fixed Assets Management System

The system archives all the data Asset and the registration of all movements of the Asset sites and staff, and the issuance of depreciation and placebo or a default for each period of the fiscal year according to the settings by the system administrator, to assist the company in the follow-up of assets and expenses of depreciation of each asset separately.

System Advantages:

  • Comprehensive documentation of all the ِAssets data: the original notebook number, barcode number, location and the employee who is in custody of origin, date of receipt, a way to get him, insurance, etc … ….
  • Documentation of the Asset of the data type of buildings, land, equipment.
  • The possibility of the Asset distribution between sites and staff.
  • The possibility of opening the Asset more than one currency.
  • The possibility of linking with the system money, and human resources system.
  • Control of import data exchange, and the accounts of assets, of the Amwal.
  • Control of import data of staff who are in their custody assets, from the human resources system.
  • Open the possibility of four types of periods for each financial year (annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly), with the work of depreciation of the placebo or experimental control is adopted in the end of the period.
  • Automatic depreciation for each period opens.
  • Control link with the base of each period of  ِAmwal open.
  • The possible exception of certain days of the depreciation, is open during each period.
  • The possibility of a freeze or stop the continued depreciation of certain during a certain period, and calculating the value of depreciation or other non-calculated.
  • Documentation of processes that increase or decrease the value of the Asset, with a discount or a mechanism to increase the value of the Asset.
  • Possibility of issuing an accounting under the Asset cost of purchase, when the original registration for the first time in the system.
  • The possibility of excluding depreciation continued with the work to his Book value.
  • Possibility of making the accounting entry for the depreciation of the asset that has been in the adoption of depreciation.
  • Possibility of making the accounting entry when recording the increase or deduction from the Asset value or total exclusion of the asset.
  • The possibility of control the way each asset depreciation, there are four types of roads in the system (straight-line method, a method of units produced, the way the rate of double the straight-line method of total numbers of years of use) .
  • The possibility to undo the last depreciation has been open only during the period.
  • Documenting every movement of assets between employees and locations.
  • The possibility of printing out the receipt to the employee that have been moved him Asset.
  • The possibility of opening more than one file to the inventory, at any time of the year.
  • The ability to extract reports of all the data recorded in the system.

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