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ExceedSoft, celebrating 15 years in IT business consultation and solution provision, excels in custom software development, package implementation, and comprehensive hardware services. Our expertise spans Oracle, Sun, and Microsoft tools, alongside offering transformative e-Business, ERP, CRM, and GIS solutions. We also specialize in robust networking, security services, and cutting-edge IT training and consultancy. Dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction, ExceedSoft crafts unique, user-friendly websites, ensuring exceptional online experiences for clients.

Celebrating 15 Years of Innovation and Service!

Your finance, HR, inventory, assests ... in one place

Consolidate your business's critical functions, including finance, HR, inventory, and asset management, into one comprehensive platform with our integrated solution, Amal. This unified system streamlines processes, ensuring seamless coordination across various departments for enhanced operational efficiency. Gain real-time insights and control over all your business areas, simplifying management and decision-making in one user-friendly interface.

Easily track all of your data ...

Our ERP system (AMWAL) empowers customers to transform their diverse data sets, encompassing financials, sales, inventory, and more, into meaningful and easily comprehensible charts and tables. This feature enables users to categorize and visualize complex information in a simplified manner, facilitating quick understanding and insightful analysis. By presenting data in an organized and accessible format, our ERP system aids in identifying trends, making informed decisions, and effectively communicating key business metrics to stakeholders.