Our Products

ExceedSoft offers a diverse portfolio of advanced applications, platforms and systems, meticulously designed to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes, including companies, restaurants, and banks. Our products are the result of years of dedicated effort, thorough analysis of both local and international market trends, and a deep understanding of our clients' requirements. This commitment ensures that our solutions are not only robust and reliable but also at the forefront of technological innovation:

Amwal Express - Institution Management System

The Amwal System stands out as a highly specialized solution, meticulously engineered to support and enhance the capabilities of decision-makers and operators across the Arab region. It offers a comprehensive suite of features and functions that are specifically tailored to meet the varied and complex needs of companies and institutions in this area. This system is a powerhouse of efficiency, designed to streamline administrative processes and facilitate effective decision-making, thereby significantly improving business management practices.

Key to the Amwal System is its user-centric design, which prioritizes ease of use and accessibility. This aspect ensures that users can quickly and effortlessly enter and retrieve information, a critical factor in fast-paced business environments. The system's intuitive interface and logical navigation significantly reduce the learning curve, enabling users to become proficient in a short period. This ease of use extends to its robust data management capabilities, where information is not only easily inputted but also securely stored and readily accessible for analysis.

Moreover, the Amwal System is equipped with advanced analytics tools that provide real-time insights into business operations, helping leaders make informed, data-driven decisions. These tools analyze trends, track performance metrics, and generate predictive models, offering a strategic edge in a competitive market. The system also seamlessly integrates with existing software and platforms within the organization, ensuring a cohesive and unified approach to business management.

Fixed Assets Management System

The Fixed Assets Management System is an all-encompassing tool designed to manage and safeguard a company's asset-related data with utmost precision. This robust system excels in archiving detailed information about each asset, including purchase dates, values, and conditions, ensuring that all records are up-to-date and easily accessible. It also tracks the movement of assets across various locations and personnel, providing a clear overview of asset allocation and usage, which is crucial for optimizing resource distribution and preventing asset mismanagement.

One of the key features of this system is its ability to generate accurate and detailed depreciation schedules and reports for each fiscal period. This functionality is essential for financial planning and reporting, as it allows companies to understand the current value of their assets and plan for future investments. The system's reports are comprehensive, including historical data and projections, which are invaluable for auditors, financial analysts, and management teams.

The system's configurability is another significant advantage. System administrators can tailor the system to meet the specific needs of their organization, setting parameters for depreciation methods, asset categorization, and reporting formats. This flexibility ensures that the system can adapt to various business models and compliance requirements.

Human Resources System

The Human Resources System is a comprehensive, integrated solution designed to meet the diverse administrative requirements of companies and organizations across various sectors. It simplifies and streamlines a wide range of HR processes, including employee recruitment, onboarding, payroll management, performance evaluations, and benefits administration, with remarkable precision and efficiency. The system's user-friendly interface allows for easy management of employee data, ensuring that all information is up-to-date and readily accessible.

Moreover, this system is equipped with advanced analytics capabilities, generating detailed reports that provide valuable insights into workforce dynamics, productivity, and HR expenditures. These reports are instrumental in guiding strategic decision-making, helping managers and HR professionals to identify trends, address challenges, and capitalize on opportunities. The system also ensures compliance with relevant labor laws and regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues and enhancing the organization's reputation.

Personnel Management System (Banan Plus)

This System is designed to meticulously manage staff attendance, absences, and vacations, thereby optimizing work schedules and enhancing overall efficiency. It generates vital reports for employers, aimed at boosting work productivity and maximizing the use of available human resources. This system seamlessly integrates with attendance devices, facilitating easy use at entry and exit points to control access, regulate working hours, and record various events, ensuring streamlined personnel management.

Point of Sales System

The POS system is expertly crafted to streamline management across various retail outlets, focusing on enhancing sales efficiency, accuracy, and control. This system is engineered to boost sales, maximize profits, and foster the highest levels of customer loyalty, ensuring a seamless and effective retail experience.

Real Estate Management System

This system is an essential tool for any thriving real estate company, especially in the dynamic field of property rentals. It is designed to provide precise and comprehensive control over various aspects of property management, from tenant relations to financial transactions. This system ensures efficient tracking and management of rental income, maintenance schedules, and tenant agreements, thereby preserving and enhancing the value of the property assets.

Moreover, it facilitates streamlined communication between property managers, tenants, and owners, ensuring that all parties are well-informed and any issues are promptly addressed. The system's robust reporting capabilities offer valuable insights into property performance, occupancy rates, and revenue streams, enabling informed decision-making. By optimizing operational efficiency and financial oversight, the Real Estate Management System is instrumental in maintaining the property's integrity and maximizing its revenue potential, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the real estate business.

Restaurant Management System

The Restaurant Management System is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of various dining establishments, such as restaurants, clubs, cafeterias, and other meal and beverage service centers. This comprehensive system streamlines operations, from order management to inventory control, ensuring efficiency and speed in service delivery. It offers robust features for accurate data management, which is crucial for tracking sales, monitoring stock levels, and understanding customer preferences.

Additionally, tIts intuitive interface allows staff to quickly process orders and payments, reducing wait times and improving the overall customer experience. The system also provides valuable insights through detailed reports and analytics, aiding in strategic decision-making and helping managers identify areas for improvement.