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Exceed Soft provide a range of advanced systems to manage large and small companies, restaurants, banks, and put the effort for years and years of hard work and careful analysis of requirements and market developments, local and international.

Amwal Express - institutions Management system

 Amwal Express - institutions Management system Amwal System is designed to serve the decision-maker and the operator Arab, features and functions to meet all the needs of companies and institutions in the region, which gives the ability to make administrative decisions and sound management of the business efficiently and effectively as it helps users to enter and retrieve information quickly and with as little effort as possible.

Fixed Assets Management System

Fixed Assets Management System  The system archives all the data Asset and the registration of all movements of the Asset sites and staff, and the issuance of depreciation and placebo or a default for each period of the fiscal year according to the settings by the system administrator, to assist the company in the follow-up of assets and expenses of depreciation of each asset separately.

Human Resources System

Human Resources SystemThis system is designed in an integrated manner to meet the administrative requirements of any company or organization and help in the organization of administrative work with high accuracy and the extraction of integrated reports help in decision-making and administrative work is done efficiently.

Personnel Management System (Banan Plus)

Personnel Management System (Banan Plus)This system of organizing the attendance and absence and vacations for staff to be utilized to adjust the working and extraction of important reports for the employer's aim to raise the work efficiency and optimum utilization of human resources available at the facility, and associated devices footprint easily to be used in ports to control the process entry and exit and adjust the working hours and record various events.

Point Of Sales System

Point Of Sales SystemThis system is designed to manage all types of retail shops in order to adjust the sales and to achieve speed, accuracy and control, increase sales and increase profits and achieve the highest levels of customer loyalty.

Real Estate Management System

Real Estate Management SystemManagement system rentals of the most important ingredient of any successful real estate company, real estate, where control is precisely the cause of preserving the property in terms of revenue .

Restaurants Management System

Restaurants Management System Exceed system has been designed for restaurants to meet the needs (restaurants, clubs, cafeteria, all the centers to provide meals and drinks) and gives the ability to control the manner and speed up the process a mechanism to correct data assist in making sound management decisions.

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