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Exceed specializes in IT business consultation and solution provision. Its core activities are:

  • Custom Software Development and Implementation
  • Package Implementation
  • Hardware Supply, Installation and maintenance
  • Networking and Security
  • Training and Consultancy
  • Web Design and Development

Custom Software Development and Implementation

Exceed enables businesses to build SOA-based applications and ‘industrialize’ their information systems, for bullet-proof reliability and flexibility. With our highly qualified professionals, customers can rest assure on Exceed’s services and solutions to build highly secured, new-generation applications. Our services include the design and development of systems, implementation assistance, training on systems developed, maintenance of the systems and transfer of skills to the organization for long-term implementation and maintenance hence ensuring non-dependence on external expertise. Exceed standardizes on modern development tools based on Relational Database Management Systems. Exceed has expertise in developing applications in Oracle, Sun and Microsoft tools.

Package Implementation

At Exceed, we offer package selection and software implementation services across many technology domains such as e-Business solutions, ERP, CRM, GIS and Data Warehousing

  • E-Business Solutions:
    Our e-business solutions cater to enterprises that are relying on the Internet as a business transformation tool. Exceed offerings include e-Business consulting, solution architecting, development, implementation, integration, migration and support services.
  • ERP:
    At Exceed, we combine an integrated solutions approach, experienced project teams and strong technology practices in solutions like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft that assist in automating enterprises and speeding up transactions across organization.
  • CRM:
    Our CRM solutions help organization address many CRM implementation issues in areas such as account management, customer retention and campaign management. We provide solutions like SAP and Oracle backed up by highly experienced technical and functional consultants.
  • GIS and Spatial Information Management Systems :
    As an agent for Intergraph, the world leader in delivering software and services for the management and visual representation of complex information, Exceed can supply, implement and maintain the solutions developed by Intergraph to serve government and private sector organizations – from oil and gas, utilities, communications, and transportation networks to national security and public safety systems.

Hardware Supplay, Installation and maintenance

Our hardware services include supply, installation, set-up, testing and maintenance of following systems:

  • Servers
  • Storage Solutions
  • Personal Computers
  • Network infrastructure and equipment
  • Printers
  • Network devices (local area and wide area)
  • Power Supply and Conditioning Equipment
  • Network components
  • Security Systems and Vault Rooms

Networking and Security

Networking services offered include the planning, supply, installation, commissioning and management of wired and wireless data networks. We supply all standard types of networking devices, i.e. hubs, switches, terminal servers, routers, modems and repeaters. Moreover, Exceed delivers advanced security solutions and services including identity and access management, risk analysis and mitigation, defense planning., as well as providing architecture implementation such as cryptography, Remote access, Firewall & IDS protection, E-Payment and E-Banking.

Training and Consultancy

Exceed provide a complete profile of high-end technical courses through a team of experienced full-time instructors. The company’s scope of training activities covers various areas related to education on IT-related topics, both from technical and management perspectives. The training department at Exceed offers an extensive list of IT courses while always updating its catalog to provide state-of-the-art subjects, tools, and technologies. We cover all training courses related to Microsoft, Oracle, Sun and many others. Exceed has onboard a unique collection of skills and capabilities, combining academic excellence with practical and applied experience. Each training classroom can accommodate a maximum of twelve students. Each student workstation is a quality PC with a 17-inch LCD monitor. Classrooms are equipped with a Multimedia projector, white board and printers as appropriate.

Website Design and Development

At Exceed we are experienced in building well designed corporate websites which your clients and partners can easily navigate and explore. Exceed enables business to put many functional services online such as online shopping, products catalogs and guides, online registration for your services, Etc.
Creating an experience through web presence that is unique to your business is a delicate mix that brings together the two worlds of Graphic Design and Technology Programming. The right blending of both these worlds assures that a client’s message is not only interpreted in words, but also visualized through graphics.
At Exceed we are creating such a presence through well designed corporate websites for several clients.
Regardless of the type of project, Exceed is focused to provide its customers with websites that possess a strong visual identity and a user-friendly interface.

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