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Exceed Soft offers services  manage and operate their systems with high efficiency and low cost in the short period of time. And our confidence in the capabilities and efficiency of technical support staff, we ensure the continuity of the work of our customers better, in light of availability of services, as well as to our ability to manage operations remotely, and provide appropriate solutions to the obstacles that are likely to face our clients.

Installation systems:

The company is installing systems and software attached to them for free, and ensure the work programs of the company that bought the systems, and the installation engineers specializing in information technology.


The company is training users of the programs as competent at the headquarters of the company providing the training requirements of the training hall where the network, computers and a blackboard, and persons with the training efficiency and specialists in the systems.


The company integrated maintenance, Update and download new versions of the programs sold for free for one year, with an option to renew the contract maintenance and modernization, Nominal wages.

Remote technical support:

The company’s technical support remotely, to provide faster services to the user and save time wasted in the transition from the company’s headquarters to the site of the user. In the case that the problem takes a few minutes. To take advantage of this time lost to service another client?

In case the need arises to solve the problem at the site of the user select the appropriate time with the client to resolve the problem, the most important principles of the company save time and effort, as well as speed of response to user requests.

Communication of technical support:

Call the company or send a fax to the work of communication for the problem, contact the company at a time is always the company’s official time of  8 am to  5 pm.

Phone number: +967  1 538 620

Fax: +967 1 53 8622

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